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For the free exchange of ideas on college campuses

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Jeff Sessions and the "Struggle" for Free Speech on College Campuses

“The American university was once the center of academic freedom, a place of robust debate, a forum for the competition of ideas, but it has transformed into an echo chamber of political correctness and homogeneous thought—a shelter for fragile egos.”

Universities' "Diversity" Debate

Progressive activists continue fight against the remnants of on campus discrimination. For conservative students, activism is a plea for diversity of thought and free speech.

Political Battles on College Campuses: Up From McCarthyism

Protests in the 1960s cemented college campuses as a political battlefield where the students had leverage. Administrators, rather than being solely beholden to government interests, now had to answer to the tuition dollars of a
progressing society.


Activist Professors in the Age of Trump

Cultural critic Henry Giroux laid out the reformist professor’s duty in a lecture at the MacPherson Institute. Giroux said teaching should inspire a “radical democratic project” that rejects a society characterized by inequality, degradation to the environment and the elevation of war and militarization to national ideals.

Ithaca Life

Ithacans celebrate "Halloween in Hell" with Edward Rulloff

New Mexico has Billy the Kid and Tennessee has Davey Crockett. But would you believe upstate New York has its very own fondly remembered folk-villain as well? He was the philologist-murderer Edward H. Rulloff.

The Use (and Abuse) of Stimulants Among College Students

It’s midterms week and in a quiet corner of a crowded library, there is a student feeling weighed down by the pressure of college life. With a big exam scheduled early the next morning, followed by a shift at their part-time job and a paper due in less than 36 hours, they swallow a prescription stimulant that was bought off a friend in order to meet their many deadlines.

Sophomore leads first campus initiative for Jockey Being Family

For Adrienne Smith, being adopted never defined her relationship with her parents. However, she said adopted students face hurtful microagressions.

Campus Conservatives and the Republican Identity Crisis

Catch an illegal day. Global warming beach party. Young conservatives are faced with a choice: to troll or not to troll?


Americans should embrace peaceful protest, not condemn it

There is a demeaning narrative told in this country when people of color organize protests. One of the most common critiques of the Black Lives Matter movement is that its adherents hurt their own cause by being violent. The BLM founders explicitly distinguish this violence from their main cause—to call attention to the brutality and injustices that black Americans experience in the United States.

Echo chambers at the liberal college

Do you remember your first classes where you had a vague sense all the cool kids sat at the Bernie Sanders table? You highlighted aspects of your beliefs that signaled you weren’t a racist, sexist homophobe. If you’re a young man you might have let everybody know you were aware of your male privilege and alert other men to their own.

You know what's more unpatriotic than kneeling? The Confederate Flag

Many so-called patriots in this country believe the Confederate Flag is a symbol for the rights of the states, as if the Civil War had absolutely nothing to do with race. What these Confederate Flag-wielding patriots don’t understand that flying this symbol is one of the least patriotic things they could do.