Dating, romance or hooking-up: take your pick

My grandparents met in the little bubble of 1930s University of California at Los Angeles college culture. Jeanette was in a sorority, Dean in a fraternity. He worked at her sorority, and when she decided he was cute, she filled a brown paper bag full of water and dropped it on his head as he worked below her balcony room. They married and stayed married for 68 years, all because of a bag of water. Tell me that’s not one of the most adorable “how’d you guys meet?” stories you’ve ever heard.

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The Oscars, they are-a-changin’

The 89th annual Oscars ceremony tried to separate itself from the aristocratic Hollywood establishment following the boycott of the 2016 Oscars. For example, the Academy tried new approaches in order to relate to a more mainstream audience rather than the elite audience the ceremony is known to gear itself toward.

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We Unhappy Many

The community must work together to understand how these rapid changes have affected the neglected portion of the population, strengthening its tenuous bonds into those of mutual trust, and create a more equitable solution based on the needs of the neglected, unhappy many. Once this trust has been created and earned, perhaps we will be able to take on the grandiose narcissists who claim to have the answers to all of our problems at our own expenses.

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