Part V: “A fight for the soul of the university”: the unionization of contingent faculty

For traditional scholars nostalgic of a golden age of academia, when professors were at the heart of campus operations, the rising proportion of part-time faculty signifies the devaluing of the professorship and the commodification of liberal arts.

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Part-time professor sues faculty union

Kurt Lichtmann, lecturer at Ithaca College, has filed a lawsuit with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 200 for allegedly withholding his “Beck rights” — a 1988 Supreme Court precedent that would allow him to withdraw his membership from the union.

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Dating, romance or hooking-up: take your pick

My grandparents met in the little bubble of 1930s University of California at Los Angeles college culture. Jeanette was in a sorority, Dean in a fraternity. He worked at her sorority, and when she decided he was cute, she filled a brown paper bag full of water and dropped it on his head as he worked below her balcony room. They married and stayed married for 68 years, all because of a bag of water. Tell me that’s not one of the most adorable “how’d you guys meet?” stories you’ve ever heard.

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