The Oscars, they are-a-changin’

The 89th annual Oscars ceremony tried to separate itself from the aristocratic Hollywood establishment following the boycott of the 2016 Oscars. For example, the Academy tried new approaches in order to relate to a more mainstream audience rather than the elite audience the ceremony is known to gear itself toward.

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The “Platinum Age” of Television

An infamous episode of the Emmy Award-winning show “Mad Men” is known to its fans simply as the “lawn mower episode.” Shocking and grotesque, the scene is neither a climax of a dramatic character arc, nor an event with anything but a negligible effect on a then minor character’s career.

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Twelve Tribes Storefront Changes to Yellow Deli

It was a shock to many when the Maté Factor, an eccentric tea and juice bar on the Commons, closed in February of 2016. This left many Ithacans longing for a restaurant to find Yerba Maté tea and to attend weekly rap sessions. However, relief came to many due to the complex world beyond the cash register: the store was owned and operated by the highly controversial Twelves Tribes religious group, more regularly known as the Twelve Tribes.

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