About Us

Editorial Board

Editor in chief: Justin Henry ’18 (jhenry@ithaca.edu)

Chief Copy Editor: Diana Huberty ’17 (dhubert1@ithaca.edu)

Assistant Copy Editor: Glenn Epps ’18 (gepps@ithaca.edu)

The Chronicle Editor: Michaela Abbott ’17 (mabbott1@ithaca.edu)

The Forum Editor: Rae Harris ’19 (rharris3@ithaca.edu)

The Journal Editor: Lily Spiro ’20 (lspiro@ithaca.edu)

The Drawing Board: Hale Douthit ’18 (hdouthit@ithaca.edu)


Mission Statement

“Journalists and writers constituting the editorial staff of The Ithaca College Chronicle will establish a digital and print publication to promote a free and intellectual exchange of ideas within the Ithaca College community. Striving to uphold the highest of journalist ethics and transparency, the publication’s affiliations will be with faithful and analytical reporting.” – IC Chronicle constitution


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