Smiles Go Miles

By: Samantha Trager

As a child, we’re told to smile
let loose, enjoy life for a while
spending our days
in a crayola-crayon phase
too naive to realize the world works in mysterious ways.

We start to see past our rose colored shades
and soon enough our faith in society fades.
Darkness begins to come through the light
a little more and more each night.
Soon enough we begin to see
how the world is and will be for you and me.

What can we do, is it too late
is this all, is this our fate?
Cheer up my friend, for it is not
life can change, it can change a lot
helping others and lending a hand
will bring you joy, like toes in sand.

As an adult, we tell others to smile
to let loose, enjoy life for a while
spending this crucial life phase
consumed in a work centered daze.
We must guide the world,
helping it work
in incredible ways.

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