Baby Fat

By: Michaela Abbott, News Editor

Nine-year-old Michaela Google searches
“how to lose weight fast”
Her chubby baby fat still lingers as she bulges out of her dance leotard
This is the first time she’s called herself fat

Thirteen-year-old Michaela pines to be one of Fox News’ blonde women
She hasn’t heard the word journalist applied to a woman before
But wants to ask the hard questions,
Fight the good fight,
Be beautiful on the 11 o’clock news
She thinks beauty and power are synonymous

Fifteen-year-old Michaela only eats salad for lunch.
She hates salad.
She gets angry with herself for snacking after school,
She can’t look at herself in the mirror without turning to the side
Sucking in, pinching her stomach
She cries when her boyfriend Facebook searches other girls
Idealizing their bodies,
Memorizing the features that she does not have

Little does she know,
Her legs are going to travel miles on a bike
Push her farther and higher,
Her body will make passionate love to a tender lover,
Rock beds, arch backs and make mouths moan.
Her feet will climb hills and see far places,
Carry her to class on the days where her bed holds her down,
She’ll pay attention and stay awake
And add to discussion.
Her body will laugh with friends in good times,
And hold them in bad times.
Her arms will carry heavy things.

Little does she know,
Her body can make more than an appearance.

Little does baby fat know,
There is more to her body than the sugar that gathers in pockets.
She craves candy, cake, ice cream, brownies, syrup, cookies,
donuts, soda, cinnamon rolls, chocolate

She feels bad for what makes her happy

Once a 12-year-long battle with baby fat,
Twenty-one-year-old Michaela has come a long way
She is a woman and a journalist,
She does not watch Fox News
Does not eat salads
Does not compare herself to other women
She values intelligence over beauty,
Even on the days when she can’t help but look in the mirror,
Turn to the side
And pinch.

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