An Open Letter to the IC Community: ‘Do not lose hope’

Dear Ithaca College campus community,

Donald Trump has become president. It’s time to face the reality that a man many believed would not become president did exactly that. There is triumph in the air as many hope that Trump will be the man to “make America great again.” For others, it seems like a bad dream that will never end, complete with fear, sorrow and anger.

For those who feel as if they are stuck in a nightmare, remember that it only takes one person to change a country. Trump is proof of this. Trump is not the only one with this power. We all have the power to create change — for the better instead of for the worse.

Trump started a movement that was created out of fear and hatred. The people of America have the ability to follow his movement or to create a new one that is fueled with hope for what America has the potential to be and love for the people in it.

Instead of devaluing people who are different than us, we must learn how to recognize these differences and appreciate them. Instead of ignoring problems, we must discuss them, think about them and solve them. Instead of just focusing on our point of view, we must be prepared and willing to listen to others.

The American dream of equal opportunity for all must remain. People deserve the right to be able to walk down the street and not be afraid of someone berating them. People deserve the right to not be afraid for their own race, their sexual orientation, their skin color, their religion, as it may put them in danger. In order for the American dream to remain an ideal in this country, the ideal that all American citizens deserve equal opportunity, must remain the case — whether that dream is to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination or initiative. This won’t just happen. The people must fight for what they believe in. If there is an injustice, do not remain silent.

Stand up.

Do not back down.

Support one another.

Do not lose hope.

Stay strong.


Maria Bushby 

English Teaching ’20

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